Active Growth Account

Grow your money on autopilot. Earn daily interest on your main account.

  • Money in your main account grows automatically, similar to a savings account.
  • Earn interest, whether you have $10 or $10k.
  • Customers also earn compounding interest.
  • You can spend your money at any time.
  • No lockups or fees for taking money out.

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Compounding by default, pay tax once on all assets!

Compounding interest will be there from day 1.

I will get back to you about how taxes work - Need to ask a few people how that works/could work. :slight_smile:

This is what shows up if you seach Debut Bank on Google.


Wow if true.

The goal is to offer the best returns. At this stage, we haven’t confirmed what percentage of returns banking customers can expect to receive. I understand the team is still working this detail out. Returns can fluctuate and are dependent on market conditions and other factors.

I’ll keep you posted with the latest plans for when we launch the app.

A suggestion would I’d like to see is have an account specifically for growth, in other words all the interest goes to that account, either as soon as it is paid, or after set time, for example quarterly.