Support 4 Me – by Dawn Maraki

Support 4 Me – by Dawn Maraki

Card Idea

I work with a couple of people who are illiterate, and it is just so hard for them in all areas of paperwork for all of their needs. Banking and insurance are two instances where they are not allowed to have others helping them, and it is very frustrating for them and the person on the phone.

I work with someone who cannot read and is illiterate. My idea is to put pictures in the part where questions are asked. For yes and no answers you could have a face that would go up and down for yes and across from side to side for no and a box for their finger to touch. All the date of birth phone numbers and addresses can be used with a picture next to them of someone or something like a pet for them to identify, and then they can put the tick in the right box adjacent to the picture they know. This can be used for disabilities too.

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About Dawn Maraki

I am a grandmother and great-grandmother. I am working part-time as a support worker. I have a degree in social work. I enjoy helping people and bringing some joy to their lives.

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