Blog has no RSS feed

When I put
www.making debut
Into the ad subscription box of my RSS reader, I get a message saying cannot subscribe because no feed was found.

Can you please add an RSS feed to the public blog, so I can read what is happening in my RSS reader?

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Thanks, David. I’ll see what we can do about that.

Hi David! Good news! There is now an RSS Feed you can subscribe to here:

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Thanks Derrick, pasting the fee directly into the subscriptions box did let me subscribe to the feed. However, to ensure that new users are able to discover Debut Blog, you need to ensure that it is discoverable when someone enters just the site URL.

I think it is now set up to be discoverable. Thanks for pointing this out.

I’ve just checked, and pasting

Into my RSS reader, still produces a feed not found error.
But I do have the direct feed that you gave me which is working.