Duncan Garner‘s new podcast

On Wednesday 8 March, I rang into Duncan Garner’s morning show to talk about my experience with banking, because he was talking about the high profitse The Aussie owned banks are making which are going offshore, and how angry he felt about it. He then told his listeners to switch to a New Zealand bank, which the only choice we have are TSB, The Cooperative and KiwiBank.
However all those banks are technology holdouts, which means they do not have PayWave, Google and Apple Pay.

Debut is a technology first bank, meaning there are no physical branches, it’s all done online.

Duncan has now taken his former talk show into a podcast, call Duncan Garner, Editor In Chief, where he talks about issues with guests, and you can have your say by emailing in, or sending an audio.
As this is something we are doing, that hasn’t been done in NZ before, this is something that I would like to help get in the hands of the journalist who is passionate about Kiwis, getting a fair go when it comes to banking, and insure that profit stay onshore.
You can listen to the podcast on rova, or where ever you get your podcast. Warnning some episodes contain course language.


@DHarvey I think Debut should pay you a commission for promoting their services everywhere and giving lots of insightful feedback :innocent:

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I came across an article a few weeks ago regarding how difficult teenagers have to go through to open a bank account.

As long as the appropriate checks are done, Debut should make it easy for teenagers to open a bank account, then convert it to an adult one once they turn 18.

I’m listening to Can you open your own bank? Dave did, and his story is now a global hit movie on rova

Such a shame that Debut didn’t get the chance to talk to Bank of Dave, he’s just as pd off with the banks as we are.