Chat GPT gets Debuted

I’ve just signed up to Chat GPT. This is what I said:

New Zealand banks, which are Australian owned, are collecting $2000 a year from every person in New Zealand. Debut, a digital only bank similar to Monzo and Revolut in the UK and Up in Australia, is to launch in 2023, built by Kiwis for Kiwis and to benefit the New Zealand economy, since funds will remain onshore instead of being siphoned off to overseas shareholders. With Debut, you will get the basic bank account and debit card, as well as virtual cards to use online in case of security breaches, or to isolate spending, for example, create a virtual card for subscriptions. Once identity has been verified and an account open, you can start using it immediately. This means you can create a virtual card for Google and Apple Pay while waiting for your physical card. You’ll be able to divide your money into buckets, so you can budget easily and effortlessly without having to manually move money between multiple accounts. Your money will earn interest, and you can create roundup, or savers, which rounds your spending up to the nearest $1, $2, to a maximum of $10. If you want to be a part of building New Zealand’s smartest bank, join the waitlist and the forum and have your say.

Chat GPT result:

It sounds like Debut is a new digital-only bank that is being launched in New Zealand by a team of local entrepreneurs. The goal of the bank is to provide New Zealanders with a more affordable and locally-focused banking option, as currently, many of the banks in New Zealand are owned by Australian companies and collect significant profits from their New Zealand customers.

Debut offers basic bank accounts and debit cards, as well as virtual cards that can be used online for added security or to help with budgeting. The bank also offers features like the ability to divide your money into different buckets for easy budgeting, earning interest on your money, and rounding up your spending to help you save.

If you’re interested in joining Debut, you can sign up for their waitlist and participate in their online forum to have a say in the development of the bank. Overall, it seems like Debut is aiming to be a more customer-focused and innovative banking option for New Zealanders, which could be a positive development for the country’s economy.

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