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Help shape the future of banking in NZ - Card Idea Competition

Debut is building New Zealand’s next-generation bank together with you. We’re holding a community competition while we design the look of our payment cards and we want your help! Share a story, concept, photo or video that captures something that represents your favourite bit of New Zealand.

Enter the competition and your idea could be featured or integrated into the design of Debut cards. Anyone can enter. Plus, the winner will also get $1,000 pre-loaded to their Debut account at launch. Enter the competition by 28 April 2023. Voting is now open.

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Please note, Debut is not a registered bank under the Banking (Prudential Supervision) Act. This is about our future intentions. Investments with us are not supervised currently by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand

Rather than a card which would be bad for the environment, expensive and unnecessary marketing.
Could you consider account-to-account (A2A) payments, they are used widely in e-commerce and have several benefits including a very practical solution for personal fund transfers?
You could even have an Oceania Wallet or just Australia and New Zealand, similar to the EuroWallet. The policy is already available from Europe: Press corner | European Commission.
You could look to Swish which is already widely adopted in Sweden - Swish - För en enklare vardag sedan 2012.. Alternatively the United States has already adopted similar services.
In the future, a retailer’s QR code anywhere in the world might trigger customers’ smartphone wallets to then push the money directly from their bank accounts to the merchant’s bank accounts while keeping their personally-identifiable information safely locked up in a bank vault. Of course, transparency and security would be of the utmost priority.
It would be interesting to know how Debut will protect the security, privacy and integrity of indviduals with a growing Web3 network…