# Debut Card Competition Live

Debut Card Competition Live

Act 1: Share your Idea

The competition is open! We’re looking to the community to help inspire the design of the payment card for New Zealand’s smartest bank ever.

Debut is building New Zealand’s next-generation bank together with you. We’re holding a community competition while we design the look of our payment cards and we want your help! Share a story, concept, photo or video that captures something that represents your favourite bit of New Zealand.

Update: Competition deadline extended to end of April.
Enter the competition and your idea could be featured or integrated into the design of Debut cards. Anyone can enter. Plus, the winner will also get $1,000 pre-loaded to their Debut account at launch. Enter the competition by 28 April 2023. Voting begins in May.

Click Here to Enter the Competition

See competition terms and details.

Optional resources

We want to see you get creative . However, if you need some help getting started, we’ve provided an optional template you can draw on some brand colours for you. It’s completely optional. We want to see what you come up with.


:page_facing_up: How to prepare your entry :arrow_down: (Includes Template)

:page_facing_up: Optional design brand guidelines :arrow_down:

Please note, Debut is not a registered bank under the Banking (Prudential Supervision) Act. This is about our future intentions. Investments with us are not supervised currently by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand

Hello, when I want to share my designs, how do I ensure I get the credit for when they join the waitlist?

Hi David! You can invite friends using your code - check your Recap email. Also, once we open the voting, you can ask your friends to vote for you.

Also – I’m really keen to learn what awesome design ideas you come up with to make our cards more accessible for the BLV community. :smile:

When the voting opens, there should be some kind of pop-up message that says in order for your vote to count, you must be on the waitlist. It should also display who invited the person, as when I go to the waitlist link on my own page. My name as the referer doesn’t show up.