The Review - The show that goes behind the scenes of building Debut bank

Watch the first episode of The Review - The show that goes behind the scenes of building Debut bank

Welcome to the Review

The Review is a new web show where we can go behind the scenes of making Debut bank. Hear from cast and crew and even members of the community.

Meet Debut Co-Founder, Sulabh Sharma

Join me, your host, Derrick Olivier, as I sit down with Sulabh Sharma. Sulabh is one of the co-founders of Debut. We discuss a bit of Sulabh’s history working in tech and finance in New Zealand and the UK and how what he and co-founder Sheenu saw in the marketplace led them to build Debut. Sulabh and I also dive into some of the most exciting topics from Backstage – The Debut Community Forum.

Let me know what you think and who you’d like to hear from in future episodes!

How is NZ behind be mindful this is New Zealand so how will you change for the better is your thought of doing this for the better of people or for your benefit just a question

This is the first of it’s kind for NZ, as we don’t yet have the open finance regulations of the US, UK, Europe, parts of Asia and Australia. There are those Neobanking apps, but we can’t use them and they’re not in our app stores. With open finance being brought in, lets build apps similar to Venmoo, CashApp, Revolut and Up by Kiwis for Kiwis, rather than have them launch here when the rules fully come in, as funds will go offshore.

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