Who are the investors of Debut?

It takes lots of money to make a bank. Who are the investors?


Unsure on the investors, but the companies register puts two shareholders across Debut.

Sheenu Chawla and Sulabh Sharma:

A quick Google finds they have experience (and good experience too!) in NZ Companies and App-based products.

Relevant snippets from the articles:
“Sush has since developed enterprise apps for organisations such as Local Government NZ, Ritchies Coachlines, and entrepreneurs”

“Chawla said they were investing heavily in new technology, to keep up with the dynamics of the mobile industry.”

"She said key for the future would be to design apps that added real value. “Everyone knows what an app is but not what it can do for their business.”


This is super exciting. NZ Banks typically have terrible Apps and struggle to embrace a digital landscape. Here’s hoping Debut changes the game.