Celebration of Aotearoa - by Joey Green

Celebration of Aotearoa – by Joey Green

Card Idea

My bank card series will be made from 100% recycled ocean plastic. The design on the cards will represent New Zealand with lush, green plants, underwater scenes and the wild waters of our amazing oceans. The cards will be a daily reminder in your wallet to be proud of where we live and protect our precious environment.

  1. This card represents the wild waters of New Zealand’s oceans and how much fun we can have in them, so let’s not ruin them with pollution. Blue, white and green. There’s so much beauty in our oceans. This card is supposed to depict a surfer catching their first-ever barrel, the excitement and achievement.

  2. Debut is NZ’s first footprint-free bank, so this card celebrates New Zealand’s unique and iconic scenery. With a colourful scene of blue ocean and sky, NZ’s otherworldly greenery with red pohutukawa and white sand. Option to include a Koru plant.

  3. This card represents the beauty of New Zealand’s underwater life that we must protect. Our oceans are full of colour. Yellows and reds, blues, pinks, oranges, and so much more, so that’s why my underwater scene card will be full of an abundance of colours. It will be a vibrant reminder to do right by our planet every day and keep New Zealand beautiful.

Debut Card Design - Joey Green.pdf (1.2 MB)

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About Joey Green

I’m ten and I love technology, Star Wars, Fortnight, Minecraft, my family, New Zealand and my dog Molly.

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