Editor's Picks for Sustainability and the Environment

Welcome to the first episode of our mini-series chronicling the creative concepts exhibited by the community in our Card Ideas Competition.

With more places around the world experiencing unprecedented weather events linked to climate change, falling animal populations among rising sea levels and pollution in our air and water, it’s no secret we’re amidst a global climate crisis.

As a species, people, businesses and governments will need to steer us in the direction of positive changes that keep our planet below the 1.5º C threshold set out in the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement. Experts warn we may reach this tipping point within the next 10 to 15 years.

The founding team at Debut is particularly concerned with ensuring we leave the planet in better shape for the next generation. Debut will be online only, eliminating the need for CBD branches in shiny buildings. We will continue to evolve how we approach things as needs arise and always pose the question: Can we do without this?

Proposed concepts for Debut’s new cards incorporate concepts that use natural imagery or sustainable materials to spark a conversation, raise awareness and, in some cases, even offset plastic production.

Wooden Card by Tim Avni

Queenstown-based software developer, Tim Avni, imagines what a debit card made from sustainably farmed timber and recycled plastic bottles could look like.

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Debut is being built with our community, by Kiwis like you. Share your idea before the end of April or join the conversation Backstage on our community forum.

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Celebration of Aotearoa by Joey Green

10-year-old Joey Green was inspired by his love of surfing, animals and nature. Joey, who lives in Tauranga, envisions a series of vibrant coastal scenes featuring roaring waves, rich sea life and native coastal plants on cards made from recovered ocean plastic.

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Second Chance by Chris Harrison

In the spirit of recycling, Chris Harrison believes that small changes can make a difference. Inspired by seeing plastic waste, Chris would like to see a card made from recycled plastic.

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The planet is our most valuable resource, so it makes sense to invest in it wisely. Small changes can have big impacts. Debut doesn’t do status quo, we’re here to do things differently because there’s a better way.

The concepts above were shared by community members in Debut’s Card Idea Competition. Entries are open until 28 April. Voting is open until 2 June.

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