Change the narrative & money education

Typical banks issue “credit cards” when these actually send you into negative.
Credit = money you don’t have #think

If these are offered they should be renamed “DEBT cards” or “RED cards”. Or don’t offer them at all.

If you have money in your account your “debit” card could be named “expenses card” or “spend card”.

Change the narrative around money so it’s honest.

It would be awesome to see responsible banking that encourages people to stay out of debt and save for items. Or actively assists to reduce mortgage costs.

Include Barefoot Investor help so people can get financially savvy, domino debts and work towards financial freedom.

Imagine the referrals to Debut.

Interesting to see your policies as the service develops :+1: handling money makes money, it’s just how much Debut is going to profit and/or what is done with the profits.