Creating rules using natural language and regular expressions

Use natural language parsing and regular expressions to create rules.

Transfer $5 to birthday fund weekly until 23 January
Set birthday fund to $65

The first rule will send five dollars to the birthday fund until 23 January, regardless if interest earned.
The second rule is hard set at $65, so it will take interest into account, then adjust the amount when necessary.

Similarly, I want to create another rule that will send 10% of my income to my Sharesies bucket, then pay half to Sharesies fortnightly.

Move 10% of High(WINZ) to /Investment then pay half to /Sharesies fortnightly on Monday at 8:00 PM
If date public holiday then
Process when payment arrives
Process next business day

This rule sends 10% of my weekly income into my investment bucket before anything else as soon as my pay hits, then pays half to Sharesies every fortnight Mondays at 8:00 PM. If a public holiday occurs.
Receive push notification that payment has arrived early for this rule. Apply rule now, which will execute the 10% payment rule, then pay Sharesies. Or send 10% now, but apply payment rule next business day.

This will ensure that when I get paid, the first thing that is taken care of is my investment as soon as it hits. However, due to public holidays, the rule needs to be taken into context and the date reflected. For example, my rent is $360 weekly, paid Monday evening, however due to the double payment for the long labour weekend, I want to double up this rule so that one payment goes out for my rent on the Friday when the second payment hits. The rule would also apply for Christmas, New Year’s, and Easter.

What do you think of using natural language to create sets of rules for automating, budgeting and saving?

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