Debut wait list founding customers and beta testers

I have some ideas for the weight list, which must be getting very long.

  1. At a point when the list is cut, those people will be Debut Founding customers.
  2. 10% (or the first 1000) asuming a 10,000 weight list at cutt-of, get access to various rounds of the alpha/beta cycle, depending where they fall. Note: people who are refered by membres passed 1000 up cannot participate yet, but will come in at the weight list wide testing stage. For example, I’m at position 87and refered Lloyd, who will fall at the bottom of the list. But he’ll come in at the RC testing if below 1000, and/or be a part of the founding 10,000.
    for newbys, it’s recommended you have a second device for testing purpases.

A. 1/250 as well as Green Room members, get the alpha and first betas.
B. 251/500 get beta 2.
C. 501/750 get beta 3.
D. 751/1000 get beta 4.

After the innicial rounds of beta testing by the first 1000 over a few months, members 1001/10,000 come in over a four round release candidate series.
E. 1,001/2,500 get RC 1.
F. 2,501/5,000 get RC 2.
G. 5,001/7,500 get RC 3.
H. 7,501/10,000 get RC 4.

After one to two rounds of RC testing by the first 10,000, the weight list is fully open to include people who got invited.
I. Debut Preview 1, includes weight list members and invites from 1/5,000.
J. Debut Preview 2, includes weight list members and invites from previous round, plus invitees from 5,000/10,000.
K. Debut Preview 3, open to everyone on the weight list.

Another round of testing with Debut Preview 4, takes place to ensure stability.
L. Debut Founders launch. Debut launches to all founding and refered customers.

To show what Debut is all about and how we’re rethinking banking and to ensure trust and confidence when we officially launch publicly, a series of traveling roadshows takes place with the founders and some of our founding customers where people can ask questions, get hands-on demos of the app, and to sign up as the first Debut customers outside the weight list and forum, which will be maintained after public launch.
M. Debut Traveling Roadshow 1 travels the South Island.
N. Debut Traveling Roadshow 2 travels the North Island.
O. Debut Prelaunch. Launches to our Debut Community as well as Roadshow attendies.
P. Debut Public Launch Party and official launch. Hosted over a weekend, Debut hosts an official launch party, where we can gather and celebrate what we have built as a community. This is a public event, which means someone who isn’t a Debut customer will have the oppotunity to be the debut customer(no pun intended) alongside the founders, RBNZ minister, Finance Minister, Banking Onbidsman, Prime Minister, their referrer if invited, on stage at a two hour live streamed countdown and midnight launch on the Monday.
Everyone else who put their name down will be sendt an email at 6:00 AM giving them a four hour head start for a 10:00 AM public opening, the time when banks traditionally open for business.

This is an oppotunity that everyday people like me would not have had the chance to participate in without the community approach, especially a project as large and complex as a bank, and I’ll be switching to Debut for sure when it publically goes live.

With the card competition ending in June, I hope we will be able to get all the beta testing of the app in before January next year to commit to a 2023 launch?

I know! It’s just around the corner! :sweat_smile:

Is there any indication as to where we’re at with allocations?