Editor's Picks for Celebrating Aotearoa

Editor’s Picks for Celebrating Aotearoa

In our Editor’s Picks mini-series, we look at some of our favourite concepts representing meaningful places in New Zealand. These are some of our favourite ideas shared by the community to be featured or integrated into Debut’s upcoming payment cards.

From the mesmerising valleys of middle-earth to the Jurassic Isla Nublar to the fantastic wilderness of Narnia, and Alien landscapes framed by Ridley Scott, the stunning setting in so many of our favourite films plays a role as iconic as that of the actors. It’s no wonder we love our beautiful places.

Debut wants to herald the beautiful and unique qualities of New Zealand as a constant reminder of how lucky we are to live in this beautiful country.

Many community members agree and suggest featuring not only Aotearoa’s mountains and lakes but also its well-known landmarks.

Proud by Tamara Grace-Tonga

Tamara Grace-Tonga loves her nine-year-old daughter, their beautiful life and her country and she wants to see landmarks representing the major city nearest to where you live, like Sky Tower for Auckland and The Beehive for Wellington. Tamara gave up a job to study teaching and honestly, this alone deserves an award.

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Auckland Night Life - by Sheryl Kitson

Enamoured with the bright lights of the Super City, Sheryl Kitson wants to see Auckland’s Sky Tower inspiring card users the way this beacon of light inspires so many in our metropolitan city.

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D Card by Kallum Best

Designer, illustrator and software engineering student, Kallum Best wants to see New Zealand’s raw beauty showcased as a piece of art in itself. Roughly 78 percent of New Zealand remains blissfully uninhabited. Kallum, like us, is enraptured with the “vast, untapped and wild” beauty of Aotearoa.

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We all have our favourite spaces across beautiful Aotearoa. Are any of the above your fave or do you have other favourite places? Let us know in the community or on social media.

The concepts above were shared by community members in Debut’s Card Idea Competition. Entries are now closed. Voting closes tomorrow.

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