Getting Debut onto Mastodon

In November, I was told about mastodon, a Decentralised open source Social network made up of servers around the world, called the Fediverse.

With recent events and a toxic culture at Twitter, which I am referring to as the Bird site, and algorithms, at Meta and Instagram defining what can and cannot be seen, people in the BLV community are moving to Mastodon in droves because of the openness, and there is a large number of third-party apps that can be used with the service. In other words, Mastodon cannot be bought or controlled by one entity.

Each server, or instance is independently run, and sets their own rules and regulations, for example, when posting images, text descriptions and hashtag use is recommended, and on some instances, required, so I can participate in discussions equally with everyone else

Has information on how to set up an account on the service, and how you can run your own instance. For example, you can follow me at


a company that can help with setting up, managing and running your own instance.

I’m enjoying what is being posted there, no hate, no toxicity, no algorithms, just people posting freely, and it’s those who I am following, not having sponsored posts and ads in my timeline, and this could be something. I hope you look into, as there are New Zealanders on the platform.

For example, a macedon, server, for Debut will be:
For when Debut launches, and
Could be used as we are now until we go live

For major organisations, NPR in the US have stopped posting on Twitter because they were labelled as government funded, and this is not who we are. So may I suggest that we get onto mastodon ASAP.

Hi @Derrick Debut is on all of the social media platforms. However, most of the people in the blind community I know of, have stopped using Twitter, and have moved over to mastodon, a D centralised fit versus social network.
If Debut gets onto mastodon, you’ll be able to reach the Blind and visually impaired community that way.

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