Multi-currency Accounts/Buckets

Have multi-currency accounts/buckets for overseas purchases, I have some subscriptions in USD, but I’m charged a fee each time.

IFTTT and 1Password are $35 USD, and Fantastical is $39.99 USD annually.

I want to put USD into a USD bucket at the real exchange rate across the year, then have the subscriptions drawn from my USD bucket, saving on fees.

This is similar to Revolut and Wise, but the latter makes you verify with ID every time, which is putting me off joining them for this purpose. I should only need to verify once, unless it’s a high transaction to a high risk country.

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Fully Tautoko this! :heart::heart::heart::heart:

This could be useful for US investments, such as Hatch who deal in US currency. I could send USD direct to my Hatch account and vice versa.