Preventing my subscriptions from going out overnight

Banks typically process some transactions, such as payments overnight.
However, I’ve got my audible subscription, which is in US dollars and I know I set up after 7 pm, gets processed at 3 AM for example.
I just read the post about, taking down the scammers, which references card 3D check, which is used by Wise.
Amazon and Audible is someone who I trust, however, I would prefer it if my subscription went out at the exact time it was created. So if I set up a subscription, it 7:05 pm, it should go out on the same date and time, for example, 30 days later.
When a transaction is a subscription, it will show up in the subscriptions category in the timeline and future expenses, calendar. Using a different example, I set up a subscription on a Tuesday, at 9 am. It will recharge exactly 30 days later, which I will see in my various places on the Debut app. I can then create virtual cards for each of my subscriptions, that’s a set up into separate buckets. Sky Sport Now, I set up at 7:34 pm. This is the only subscription that charges exactly 30 days later. So I can set up a virtual card with Sky, the charges $45 per month. I can then use the money Maestro function to ensure money is in that bucket on the day of charge.
If you make a purchase at 3 AM, Debut should give a choice of charging payment at creation time, or deferring it to New Zealand hours of 7 AM, to 10 PM. To protect yourself from scams payments that require 3D check will only go out during New Zealand daytime hours, unless it’s someone on your whitelist, or if it is someone that the machine learning has identified as legitimate.
Australia has brought a new rules that require the bank account number. Must also match that name. NZ banks don’t check for this, putting customers at risk.
When paying someone outside Debut, the system should check to see if the name on the account matches. If it does, you can proceed with making the payment. If not, the transaction will not go through and will be assessed by high-level Debut support.
What about places that have multiple sites, such as New World or Pak n save. Your local supermarket will go through is fine, because you’ve specified that. Is your local supermarket that you shop at. However, if you decide to shop, somewhere else, debut might flag it just to be safe, even though supermarkets are marked as safe.