Reconcyling declined transactions and 24/7 customer support


I wanted to take part in a Cyba Monday offer, and got $32.49, the subscription was 50% off Flexibits Premium.

I asked Siri for the exchange rate of $20 USD, she returned $32.20, wich is enough, or so I thought.

I got an error from Flexibits saying there was an error with the transaction. Contact your bank or update card details.

However my banks customer support closed at 8:00 PM, which is frustrating since the sale ends Wednesday, and I can’t find a way to reconcyle the due invoice.

Debut’s customer service should be 24/7/360 to give staff 23-27 off for the christmas break.

If a transaction was attempted, I will get a push notification saying so.
An attempt of $20 USD (Insert Debut exchange into NZD here) to Flexibits at date/time. However, there’s not enough funds in Subscriptions because there’s no bucket for this murchant.

I can draw from my main account and create a bucket, or draw the balance from one of my savings buckets.

While the declined transaction doesn’t show on my statement, the bank has a record of the attempt, but because my bank’s customer support service is closed I have to wait until morning.

On Transactions, there’s a tab called Pending/attempted. I could reconcyle each transaction by checking for funds in my subs bucket, then creating/drawing from savings if necessary.

This would be a great feature to reconcyle declined transactions by myself, especially if I know funds will be coming in after the attempt was made, which has happened a few times a subscription was declined due to insufficient funds at processing time, but funds did arrive three hours later.