High Priority Expenses/Savings

You have a bill that’s due, but the bank won’t put the payment through until after 9 pm.
Meanwhile, your Netflix subscription goes out at 7 pm, however, it leaves a short 4 to cover the bill causing a decline payment.

Mark your bills as high priority transactions, meaning they take precedence over others, such as Netflix.

This could also apply to savings. In secrets of the millionaire mind, it says it is recommended to save the first 10% of your income after tax, well, Calvin coils WILD Success. (Wild stands for wellness, income, love, lifestyle and direction).

Set up a high priority savings to either do two things.

  1. Take the first 10% of your pay day.

  2. Take the first 10% after all expenses have been taken care of. That is after all of the funds have been allocated into the various buckets.

This will solve the problem I’m experiencing with payments been declined for bills and subscriptions, because bills will have greater priority over subscriptions and expenses that don’t need immediate attention.

When I allocate high priority, expenses or savings, this will mean that they will take presidents over my Sky Sport Now or streaming service like Netflix. This would happen after all of the funds have been allocated to the buckets like groceries.