Being able to hide my savings be another deterrent to dip in, especially something long-term such as birthday, Christmas, new phone, house deposit, emergency fund.

Banks let you hide and unhide accounts, but you may have to do it on the website.

Debut will let you set a particular account or bucket is hidden, for example, I want to hide my emergency fund, Christmas and birthday buckets until I am ready to access them. I can put money in, but I need to unhide the account to withdraw.

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Scenario it’s Christmas time, and I want to go out of Auckland to visit my dad.
I have enough money to travel there and back on the bus, and funds for my box of beers.
However there are no patterns and spending trends show on my account from funds that are used from my savings to do things such as travel.

What are find confusing with previous apps I would use, is that savings would be counted against funds that have been spent.
I find this confusing, as those funds I am moving from one account to another with the same bank. In other words, they are account transfer funds, which should be excluded from insights.