Rethink splitting the bill and getting paid back

What if you could send your friends a payment request the same way you send a message? What if your banking app could quickly help figure out how to split the bill when you also shouted one of your friends?


  • Send a payment to anyone via link, even if you don’t have their account number. The recipient can open the link and enter their account number to get paid to whichever account they prefer and you get a notification when the payment has been accepted.
  • Send a payment request The recipient gets a link to a simple payment portal and can either pay you through their bank or pay with a debit or credit card. :palms_up_together:
  • Split an amount between several people. Did you say your mates could pay you back? Split payments and send payment requests in one go.
  • Complex split payments can be simplified too. Split the total cost, but add an extra $12 to your own for the drink you bought your friend, offsetting everyone else’s total back to what’s fair. :beers:
  • Schedule Payments for later, even to the same person. Ideal for breaking up expenses.

Yes please!
While you’re at it, how about the ability to create a QR code for receiving payments? For example, I’m running a garage sale and print a QR code that customers can scan and send me payments.


That would be rad! It could have so many uses. Doing slam poetry and want to collect a koha? Generate a payment QR code. Love it. Nice one, @chc4me

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What if our friend’s bank accounts on Debut also used usernames instead of complicated bank account numbers?


Or to be able to pay using their phone number? Monzo in the UK stores your phone number against your account and so on the app you can pay any of your friends if you have their phone number stored in your phone and they’re with the same bank. Makes it so much easier!

I agree @bradenclark, that’s an elegant solution.

That’s the whole point of QR codes, or paying/receiving payments who are in your contacts. I’m all for the usernames as well

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QR codes are great, but they they require both parties to be in the same space to initiate the transaction.

Mobile phone number or a unique Tag, username etc is a better option in my opinion.

I know there is a company “Volley” working on a platform that will allow you to request money from banks other than your own as long as they have open banking standards. Perhaps if something like that offered by people would be more likely to use split features as it could be used across banks.