Different types of payment tags

Continuing the idea from the livestream, I think there can be multiple payment tags to serve different purposes:

  • A chosen user name for friends (this one can show photos)
  • A more anonymous number for online payments (no photo on this one)
  • Mobile phone number some other banks already have this
  • Facebook username
  • Email address
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Using Facebook username might be useful, however, I no longer feel comfortable logging in with it, due to various scandals that have happened over the years.

Yeah, awesome.

As we’re still fleshing this one out, here’s an idea to build on that.

If you send money to someone who is already on Debut through one of these methods, it will go through and verify. Then, some cool stuff can happen, like it could let you know that the other person has received it.

If they don’t have a Debut account, and you send it via phone, Facebook Messenger or email, you can optionally send them a link to the payment.

e.g. “Derrick has sent you $10 using Debut - It’s my share for Tia’s present. Click to accept. Your entry code is: 4EYZ6N”

When the link preview appears on Facebook Messenger, iMessage, or other services, it can show a nice thumbnail and extra info in the text header.

The link opens up an encrypted, secure webpage where the recipient is asked to confirm their entry code and their bank account number. Once the recipient’s bank has accepted the funds, Debut can let the sender know.

As added security, the link can expire automatically after a set time.

We definitely still have a lot more to consider here, like for example if people could abuse this and what kind of limits would need to be in place so that people.

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