Browser extension for PC and Mac

While Debut is going mobile first, there are some things I find quicker to do on a PC with JAWS for example, browsing this website is more efficient on a PC.
I suggested to store virtual cards in password managers, yet an even better thing iss an extension for browsers for PC and Mac to facilitate payments.
If it is a site you deal with regularly, once you get to the screen where you enter debit or credit card information, you were just click the pay with Debut button. A QR code will come up on screen with a message asking you to scan with the debut app.
If it’s a retailer who you haven’t done business with, you would tap the Phil from profile button, where all of your information is filled out into the form. This will include your payment information will also be automatically filled from Debut. Press submit, then scan the QR code as in the previous instructions.

This extension could be useful for people who don’t yet have a password manager, however, I suggest in this day and age, you must invest in one. Perhaps Debut could team up with 1password to integrate directly? It is the password manager I’ve been using for several years, and is the gold standard amongst the blind community.


I think this is a fantastic idea, and I would definitely use it on my laptop. The idea of the authentication using the app would be great; however, I would like a secondary auth method in case i don’t have have access to or it isn’t convenient to use my phone.

This idea also reminds me of the google wallet (or what ever they call it now lol) pop up in Chrome and works as described, however the only authentication is with laptops password which other people using the laptop may know, so it would be awesome to see a more secure method of auto filling you card from the bank it self.

Expanding on this idea, when you select your card, you can have the option to create a new virtual card directly in the extension.

Also, the option to see select accounts’ Available balances in the extension at any time would be helpful too

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I have contact and debit card information stored in 1password. However, I had to enter it all in manually when I set it up, because there was no way for me to enter in a debit card with just one tap or scan. I wrote in a previous post about saving virtual cards into one password as a backup, however that got me thinking of having a browser extension for Mac and PC would make things much more efficient, as I prefer to have contact and debit card information in one app cross platform.
I wouldn’t use the extension for checking balances as I don’t feel comfortable having it in the browser, as I do have an iPhone. However, what about people who do not have a smart phone and want to use Debut? I’m talking to a friend who knows a lot about finance, and I told her what I am doing in this community, but she doesn’t have a smart phone, so she will be locked out of New Zealand’s smartest bank.

This again highlights that everyone has different needs and wants, hopefully, we will be able to turn on/off features we don’t need/want or are not comfortable with (to an extent), such as balances in a browser extension, some like my self would like this, however some like you will not, so this should be easy to toggle this feature on or off.

I agree, there should be a web-based version for those that should choice to use it.

Nonetheless, the Browser extension has a big thumbs-up from me!

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Revolut has this, used for searching deals online. So if you’re shopping online and find a deal we can use our virtual card or create a new one for that site. That is a one use card or F trusted a card for that specific site.

There should also be an extension for mobile devices, such as chrome and Safari.
I get annoying having to Manly go through each form field in filling each one manually, I should be able to use my password manager to fill with one tap, then send.
The same should go for payment information, however, there needs to be a secure way to authenticate Payment if you’re using Safari that doesn’t have Apple Pay set up.

I think that’s where it gets difficult, as you can’t have/use browser extensions on mobile like you can on desktop.

Until we have such a time, this feature will only work in the desktop browser/Debut app.

Several businesses offer Apple/google pay, and I expect this to grow further as demand for it grows.

Debut Pay would be an awesome system as well, cutting out the companies, Google, Apple, Visa etc, because will be using APIs we have built. Yet this will be years off.