A decent real-time Budgeting tool

Kiwis need a decent app that can handle budgeting. Something like PocketSmith but better.

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I used pocket Smith from August 2019 to December last year. However, I found the web app interface sort of confusing, and when I went to set up my budget, the totals at the end of the month did not reflect what my bank account shows. Plus, with new services coming online, such as digital wallet and investment platforms, pocketSmith is yet to support the newer apps coming online, so I deleted my account. Plus, the mobile app is very very basic, and takes me a long time to do all the confirmations of transactions.
If you go through the forum, I’ve written up posts about various ideas inspired from pocketSmith as a former user, and how Debut could automate the process, similar to apps like up in Australia and Revolut in Europe.