Spending report/categorys

It would be great if you automatically sort spending into categories, e.g. food, eating out, entertainment etc. etc

Westpac does this via their Cashnav app and BNZ have this under activities in their app.

This means I can, at a glance, see my monthly, / weekly and average spending in addition to spending by category, and it’s fantastic

it would be great if Debut built this into their app. As I know, many that don’t bank with BNZ or Westpac need to use third-party software (or do this manually), so it would be much simpler if this were directly built in.


This is similar to the Bucket system. You set up how much spending in each category into the Eating Out bucket. I used PocketSmith for 3 1/2 years, yet it would be great if those features were built-in.

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