Budgeting insights, show what you are paying on fees

Debut is on a mission to help you cut costs.
What if we could show you how much you are paying on fees for the services you are using, such as grocery delivery and Uber Eats?
Uber has Uber one, where you can save on delivery fees if you spend $20 or more. Similarly, Countdown has Delivery Saver at $23 a month, or $118 per six months. An $80 minimum spend applies, and bag charges are excluded from Delivery Saver, so at $1.50 a week, over a year you’ll be paying $78 in bag charges. Pick up over $50 is free, and you can choose to bring your own bags, saving the bag fee.

How this will work.

  1. This weeks online shop cost me $65.87 total. I get my receipt, however, it only shows the total for the groceries, excluding bag fee and delivery.

  2. I could either upload or forward the receipt to my Debut email address. The transaction will be split as part of my insights, not the transaction itself as this could cause confusion. So the transaction will go out as a whole, but in my insights, it will show the cost of the delivery and bag fees as a separate insight. This could also be used for Pizza Hut and Domino’s, who also charge delivery fees, which are shown on my receipt.

I do this for 4 weeks, which should be enough data to build up my insights.

I get a notification which says:
“This is Debut here. Over the past 4 weeks, your online grocery shop has cost you $56 in Delivery fees, and $6 in bag fees, totalling $62. This will cost you $744 total, $672 delivery and $72 bag over the next 48 weeks, for a total cost of $806 over a 52 week period.

You can save $728 a year on Delivery fees when you subscribe to delivery Saver. To sweeten the deal as a Debut customer we would like to offer you a complimentary 91 day, 13 weeks of Delivery Saver. Offer only available from this notification. Press the subscribe button to get this offer. WARNING: if you press no this offer will be void, so choose wisely!”

So I press the Subscribe button. I get a notification from the countdown app and an email saying the offer has been applied, since the email with countdown and Debut are the same.

13 weeks later, I get another notification as follows:

“ Congratulations from Debut! You have saved $182 on delivery and paid $19.50 in bag fees over the past 13 weeks.
Total bag fees $25.50.
Total delivery fees $56.
Total fees $81.50.
Total savings plus total fees equals $263.50.
Total delivery fees for preceding 35 weeks $490.
Total bag fees preceding 35 weeks $52.50.
Grand total preceding 35 weeks $542.50.

As a way of appreciation, we would like to offer you the remaining 35 weeks of Delivery Saver at $52.50, the remaining cost in bag fees. Plus go into the drawer to win a one year Delivery Saver extension and what you paid, dropped into your savings.
Only available through this notification.”

So I press the button to get the deal.

App makes a ding sound, and a box appears. Says “hold it right there, just for you”. Press continue button to continue.

Pay one dollar and we will drop the difference what you paid into your savings instantly.

There are two buttons, yes, and no.
I’m gonna be curious and press no to see what happens.
Are you absolutely sure?
You will lose the deal, and will have to pay the price presented on the previous screen and be in eligible for the instant drop!

How’s that for a deal?
So I press, yes!
I then pay the dollar, then press continue.
Congratulations what you paid in fees Will be dropped into your account. We have also given you a four week extension. Press to continue.

Not only have I got 35 weeks of delivery saver for just the cost of a dollar, plus all my fees dropped back into my account, but also I got a four week extension to my delivery saver, giving me 39 weeks, plus the 17 before, giving me 56 weeks. And I am in the drawer to win the one year extension.

Note: that second offer will be given a random, so if you didn’t hear a ding on your phone, you did not get that offer and just paid the price for what was presented.

That was one of two examples we can use to show the fees in your insights so we can make better decisions on how we can minimise them.

@Derrick I like this idea, because I’d like to see how much I’m paying in fees when I’m making purchases online, in order to minimise them.