Rethink Loyalty: Ensure Loyalty Programmes and Comps Are Actually Rewarding

What if we …The current state of loyalty programmes and offers doesn’t benefit longterm customers. For example, MX gives a low balance transfer rate and no card/establishment fee, but only to new customers while those who’ve been with them for over five years are left out, effectively subsidising their discount.

Similarly, to get a $15 online Countdown voucher you have to spend $2000, and vouchers cannot be stacked. New World gives a $5 New World dollars per 28 Fly Buys points that can accumulate up to a maximum of $2000, or 11,200 points, but it’ll take years to get there. Pac N Save has no reward programme at all. AirPoints has a very high threshold, and some programmes are limited to high-end, premium/Platinum cards with minimum spends.

What are your suggestions on what Debut should do to give customers a fair deal when it comes to reward schemes?

  1. Link loyalty cards with a virtual card for Groceries to get OneCard/Clubcard/Air points.
  2. At a certain points ballence or percentage, convert points to currency to spend online or in store.
  3. Allocate a percentage for Christmas, 500 points.
  4. Give more weight to longterm customers, such as an offer only to them not advertised, and for a specific time and place,. For example, get free delivery if you spend $80 and checkout with Apple/Google Pay. Or get two 1KG bags of Tegal chicken nuggets for $20, but it’s only available to the person who gets the notification and pays with Apple/Google Pay.
  5. Pizza Hut / Dominos. Get pizzas delivered at the pickup price this weekend only. Only for you not advertised, max four pizzas and single use. Must pay with Apple/Google Pay.
  6. Get Spotify for one year at the USD price. Must use virtual card with US currency. Be quick, only 500 available.
  7. 50% off main meal for max four people, excludes drinks, ID and physical card must be sighted for service of alcohol. Must designate payer and bill paid from Dining Out bucket. Participants split bill back to payer.
  8. Listen to Today FM for the Debut phrase of the day and be the first caller and win Debut merch. Must hold Debut account for minimum three months, not including competition period months. Must also be registered at Today FM’s website.
  9. Follow Debut on social media and watch for a number between 1 and 500. If that number corresponds to your waitlist position at launch you’ll winn $500. It could be on a random platform and on a random day.
  10. Pay your utility bills using the Debut Payments API and get 10% back. Bill must be paid on time and in full, no payment extensions. Funds must be drawn from Utilities buckets.

More deals are coming out for new customers, I’ve seen this on Spark and one New Zealand, where they are bringing out attractive deals, however they are only available to new customers.
This is not fair and at Debut, We should do something about this.