Airpoints debit card?

Currently, only Westpac offers an Airpoints debit card (Currently, every $350 = 1 Airpoints $)

Could Debut be the second NZ bank to offer an Airpoints debit card?

I’d like to be able to have a choice between switching between fly-bys and air points, depending on who has the better value.
Also, I’d like the redemption times for earning shortened, as you have to spend a lot of money and redemptions takes too long.
I wrote a post on the issues of loyalty today, and the annoyances of limitations, of which end, where you can earn points, having to spend a lot to get even a few points, in long redemption times.

Here is my post on loyalty. Note, Today FM has closed, but I manage to get @Derrick on air.

Until a Google search just now, I wasn’t aware of credit/debit cards with Flybuys rewards.
This is awesome, and if Debut can enable us to transfer between Airpoints/FlyBuys/other (Similar to how you can switch between Smartfuel and countdown dollars with your one card)

If I have more points on Flybuys then Airpoints, I’d like to be able to use to get the reward the closest. I have more Airpoints than I do fly-bys, but New World only let me use one or the other.
Plus, you do not get points on your every day spending, unless you’re with a premium credit card. I think it was BNZ who did this with Flybuys.