Braille on Cards - by David Harvey

Braille on Cards - by David Harvey

Card Idea

With most of the cards in my wallet feeling exactly the same, I am unable to tell them apart unless I put them in specific areas. That’s why I would like to have Braille on my Debut card, and I’m sure other blind and low-vision Braille readers would like the same.


When I lost my mum in 2011, I was given a Braille card to the counsellor at the Blind Foundation.

Want to see this on Debut Bank Cards?

About David Harvey

Passionate about accessibility, to ensure everyone in the blind and vision-impaired community is able to participate in society.

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TSB are doing this on some of their newer cards and I think it’s a great thing


Hi Derrick, I’ve just got the in the spotlight post, and there are a few instances where Braille has a lower case B.

Explains why he writes Braille with capital B, because it was invented by a man named Louis Braille, and the New Zealand Braille authority have passed that the word Braille, no matter the context, must be capitalised.

Kia Ora David

Thanks for letting me know. I’m aware that Braille is capitalised, but a couple little b’s must have slipped through. :smile:

I’ll update that.