Digital Card 💳

What if you could set up virtual payment cards to manage things like subscription services or online shopping on sites you don’t trust with your payment details.

We want people to be able to start using their Debut account straight away, so we’re looking into the possibility of offering an electronic payment card straight away. We’d ideally like this to work with Google Pay and Apple Pay out of the box. What do you think? Is this something you think would be helpful?


  • Create multiple virtual cards for whatever you want. Ideal for managing subscriptions or for when you need to give someone specific access to your account.
  • Set a limit – Set an optional monthly or total spending limit on a card to ensure it isn’t misused.
  • Access Controls – Choose where cards can be used, e.g. online, overseas and contactless
  • Add, delete or pause a card at any time.
  • Recode a payment to a card - If you accidentally used a different card, you can retro-actively recode a payment so that it is coded properly in your records. A note will show it was recoded from the original card number for posterity.
  • Actionable Insights – Identify trends and offer suggestions to help you save in the moment.

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Yes please, having to wait for a physical card is so out-dated, I want to use it as soon as my account is open.

Also, I’d like to set up virtual cards, so I can keep my main card for personal use. When I set up a groceries bucket, I want to create a virtual card for that bucket, to keekp funds separate from other buckets. If I’m going to go over my grocery limit, I can use either my Savings or Main buckets. Virtual cards can be revoked in case of a security breach!


@DHarvey totally agree. It just makes sense. Also, I’m here for having dedicated cards for certain things that you can revoke, e.g. subscriptions, so it’s super easy to cancel a service too.


Fantastic! Finally! Yes! Allowing digital cards for kids too would be good. My bank lets my son have a card but no paywave - not with his card , phone or watch. :rage:


Yesss! digital cards are kind of a non-negotiable nowadays, I know that it was a major factor for me when changing banks so I would assume it’s the same for a few other young adults?


Digital cards are so handy! I’m currently banking with Wise and they have a feature where you can create a digital card and also generate new card details anytime you want. The ability to recode a payment would be amazing as we have all used the wrong card once before.


That’s the whole reason I got wise because the banks didn’t have virtual cards you can instantly delete if you are worried or have something happen

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As long as I can still get a physical card I’m happy. It would be great if I could specify what “tech” was in that card though i.e. opt out of paywave functionality and avoid those surcharges altogether.


Is that wise as in Travel wise? I’d like to be able to set up currency buckets E.G. USD for US purchases and subscriptions.

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You should be able to turn off paywave by going into the app, find Settings, Card controls, then turn off the Paywave toggle.