No physical details on cards

Personally, I feel it would be more practical and safer not to include card details (16-digit card number, expiry date and CVC code) on the physical bank card itself.

Instead, the card details will be stored in the app and can be regenerated at a moment’s notice; This also ties in with what I’ve read here about the option to have multiple digital cards.

This will be safer: If your card were stolen or lost, they wouldn’t have the details to make online purchases. Additionally, should your card be found/returned, you could simply regenerate the card details (in case the details were compromised)

The only identifying details on the card would be your Name and possibly your customer ID, and this could be on the back.

This would also IMO make the card sleeker and let the front design stand out more

If this was paired with a higher-quality longer lasting card; Physical cards would likely not need to be replaced as often as aswell (Currently around every 4 years I believe), and for security, the expiry and CVC could be automatic eg every 2 years (Since the last card detail regeneration)

We need to work with all providers to ensure digital cards accepted, as some places will not accept virtual cards, or only cards from certain countries.

Sorry for the confusion.
This idea will still mean you have a physical card; however, the physical card itself will not have card details (16-digit card number, expiry date and CVC code) on it, and the card details will only be accessible via the Debut app.

This image shows the concept im referring to, no card details on the physical card, only the customers’ name and bank icons


Some issues Ive had, is some companies will not let you copy and paste card details, supposedly for security purposes. Ola is one of them. There needs to be a means to get card details from the app into the card fields.