Random app generated CVV

Does anyone know if it is possible to have a Random app generated CVV?
Payment systems show me what card has been used, E.G. Visa card will show in the Uber app or when I make a payment online.
With The latest scam article I read on stuff regarding someone who had $13,000 stolen via Google Pay, yet they are an Apple Pay user. There should be systems in place where cards can only be loaded on one Device type, only Apple or Google Pay, two factor authentication codes must be generated in app only, and CVV must be entered before the card is loaded. Why isn’t there a chip on the card you must scan to prove the card is in owner’s possession?

Debut is being built using modern systems, so I think these also need to be explored on what overseas organisations are doing to combat card fraud, since banks are still using text for authentication codes to approve transactions, which is proven by now can easily be intercepted. We are building a modern bank with next-generation features, most of which are New Zealand firsts. One idea is time to prepare to do away with the physical CVV and use random app-based generated codes, similar to 2 factor authentication codes.
Generating random CVV would be good for subscriptions. For example, I would get notification from the app saying a subscription is due. It will then show the card I am using, then will generate a random CVV for that transaction. This route will also encourage companies to stop storing card numbers: but use a randomly generated token as a handshake to confirm this is a valid card from Debut and this owner.

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@Derrick has anyone ever tried to attempt this? Real me has just done away with authenticating via text from non-New Zealand Australian phone numbers. I think they should do away with texting altogether, and just use an authenticator app. When you copy and paste a card number into the card number field, some providers show what it is, e.g., Visa card. However, you do not get told the bank behind it, most likely for security purposes. If you click the submit button without a CVV, the merchant generate a token to the card. In other words, merchant, checks the card number and expiry date. Because no CVV was entered, Debut regenerate a unique CVV from the Debut app for this purchase, similar to one time authentication code.

This would be great for one-time purchases, similar to how Revolut and Wise have virtual, disposable cards.

Unsure how this would work for subscription billing though. I don’t remember ever having to enter the CVV code when subscribing, nor do you need it for direct debits.